ReActions: how the crisis can become an opportunity


TEDxCrocetta is back to explore the theme “ReActions,”
with a new set of disruptive ideas to solve problems and reshape the world. 

Why did we choose this theme, ReActions? During this event we hope to explore how we can change and create situations by ACTING, and how we can REACT and respond to circumstances that we already find ourselves in.

As Albert Einstein once put it, “the crisis brings progress.”
“Without crisis, there are no challenges, without challenges life is a routine, a slow agony.”

If you think the same way, join us on June 10th, 3:00 pm, at Mauto, in Turin. You will listen to like-minded people talking about acting and reacting to bring about change in the working environment as well as in society and personal life. And you will have the opportunity to create new relationships to foster progress in our world.

Saturday, June 10, 3:00 pm
Mauto (Automobile Museum), Turin

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